BBC Master 128

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I was given this BBC Master 128 in 2000, following a clear-out by my old sixth form college. Like the BBC Model B this machine would have been used either in the Maths department, Science department or as part of the internal PANDORA network, and so it also has an Econet interface fitted. At some point the Master was fitted with a DFS upgrade, 2.29.

Name. BBC Master 128.
Introduced. 1986.
Processor. Mostek 65C02 (I think).
RAM. 128 Kb.
ROM. 32 Kb (containing operating system, BBC BASIC IV).
Operating system. Acorn MOS.
  • UHF out.
  • Video out.
  • RGB out.
  • Cassette.
  • RS423.
  • Analogue in.
  • Audio out.
  • Econet.
  • Disc drive.
  • Printer.
  • User post.
  • 1 MHz bus.
  • Tube.
  • 5V / 12V DC aux power socket.
Peripherals fitted. 5.25" disc drive.

While I'm on the subject of the BBC Master... I've given one of my Domesday Project Laserdisk players to Retrobeep, although I still have the other one. Both players seem to be faulty, although in different ways - the Retrobeep one has a non-working genlock system and my one won't pick up a disc when it is inserted. If you can help please get in touch with me using the Contact Me link at the bottom of the page (just click on my name).

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