Acorn Electron.

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We bought our Electron in mid 1987. It was expanded over the next two years with the addition of a Slogger ROMBOX Plus and a 5.25" disc drive, among other things. The table below shows its specification in mid 1989.

Name. Acorn Electron.
Introduced. 1983.
Processor. Mostek 6502A (2 MHz).
RAM. 32 Kb.
ROM. 32 Kb (containing operating system, BBC BASIC II).
Operating system. Acorn MOS 1.00.
  • TV out.
  • Video out.
  • RGB out.
  • Cassette.
  • Expansion port.
Peripherals fitted.
  • Slogger ROMBOX Plus.
  • Joystick interface.
  • Slogger Pegasus 400 disc interface.
  • 5.25" disc drive.

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