Dell Inspiron 8500 laptop

In early 2003 I decided that I really need to get another laptop, to replace the seriously aging Toshiba. I saved up and did some research, and finally decided on the Dell Inspiron 8500.

Name. Dell Inspiron 8500.
Introduced. Early 2003.
Processor. Intel Pentium 4-M (mobile) running at 2.0 GHz.
RAM. 1 Gb.
ROM. Unknown (containing BIOS).
Operating system. Windows XP Profressional.
  • Modular media bay.
  • 15-pin monitor connector.
  • 9-pin serial connector.
  • 25-hole pin parallel connector.
  • Serial infrared communications port (lrDA-1.1 compliant).
  • RJ11 (phone) and RJ45 (network) connector.
  • Audio jacks (headphones out, speakers out, microphone in).
  • 2 USB 2.0 connectors.
  • IEEE 1394 port (Fire Wire).
  • S-Video mini DIN port.
  • Kensington Lock socket.
LCD display. 15.4" WUXGA LCD panel, max. resolution 1600 by 1200 pixels.
  • 2.5" 30 Gb hard drive.
  • 3.5" media bay floppy drive.
  • DVD-ROM/CD-RW combo media bay drive.

The 8500 seems to be a very capable machine, and the wide-angle LCD display is very nice indeed.

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