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4th April 2002.

The simple answer is, not very much. The main things at this stage are the addition of a What's New page and the addition of the Newwords gossip files. I've also tidied up the index page and started looking at the Computing section. Lots more to do, though...

I hope to have the Computing links sorted out soon, then I'll start working back through the sci-fi links which are even more out of date than the computing links...

If anyone sent me links by e-mail in the last few months, I'm working though the pages and will get to them soon...

5th April 2002.

Updates to some of the computing pages. I've been through all pages now, removing old links and adding some new ones. More will be added soon...

7th April 2002.

Updates to some of the computing pages again. I've added some new links to the companies, hardware, Linux and misc pages. I've also added a page of links to people that I know (although it is slightly hidden) and I've updated the general misc page.

11th April 2002.

Updates to some of the computing pages yet again. New links added to the Acorn, computing history and computing misc pages (MicroDigital on the Acorn page, Fire In The Valley on the history page and various anti-MS links on the misc page). Also added a link to Lego Mindstorms on the general misc page. Added a link to the Bill Bailey Official Site on the humour pages. (I'm going to try to look at those pages next.) Added a link to Ex-Saturn in several places.

14th April 2002.

Updates to some of the computing pages. Added PC News Center and Neowin to the computing misc pages and several review sites to the computing hardware page. Also added Overclockers UK to the mail-order companies section.

20th April 2002.

Added Linux Emporium link to the Linux page. Added Distribted.net and Klingon Computing links to computing misc page. Added some new links to the Humour page. Added links for Lynx to the shareware and downloads page. Added Star Wars Asciimation link to sci-fi page. Added some more text files to the textfiles page. Updated the links on the Monty Python page.

30th April 2002.

Added TV Comedy Resources to the humour page. Reorganised the site to use server-side includes and style sheets and added some new backgrounds. Added some new Acorn links and shareware links (Virtual Acorn and some RISC OS portals) and added the BCS, Demon and OSData link on computing misc page. Updated the Acorn history pages to version 0.6 beta. Added a copy of my CV here. Added a new search engines page to the computing section. Updated the index page. Site moved to www.mcmordie.co.uk.

20th May 2002.

Added Retro Madness site to computing history links page. Started shifting site over to XHTML. Added link to Imperial War Museum. Corrected speeling mishtake (sic) in computing section. Updated server side includes. Corrected Black Wednesday reference in the Acorn History pages (should have been Black Thursday). Minor format changes to the index page.

22th May 2002.

Page format updates to Python and general links pages. Minor update to Newwords page. Corrected some minor problems in the Acorn History CSS file. Validated all CSS files and all pages (as XHTML 1.0 Transitional).

6th July 2002.

Added link to Intuitor Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics page to Misc links. Finally managed to update some of the links on the Sci-Fi page. Fixed a problem on the main page - I'd missed out a closing image tag, and as a result the page would not validate as XHTML.

11th July 2002.

Added GEOS Enterprise ratings link to Star Trek links page. Added the Discworld Convention site to the humour page. Updated text on index page. Added link to SciFi.com and a number of new links to Star Trek sites. Adjusted the contrast on the Star Trek links background image, to hopefully make the text easier to read. Minor rearrangement of site. Added Acception links.

19th January 2003. (Oops...)

Came back to the site after far too long. I've been told that it looks far too much like it was designed in 1995 (which it actually was) and so have started a redesign. (Plus I'm now working as a Web Programer, so I really have no excuse anymore...)

I think that the redesign will be rolled out in phases, a section at a time. I've already started going through removing background images. The redesign is going much slower than I was expecting, but should be up in the next few months.

Much to my surprise, most of the links still seem to be working...

Only one new change. The link to Banner Bank on the "also hosted by Acception" page has been changed to Banner Share.

2nd March 2003.

Decided to update the site, despite the upcoming redesign (which will be along "really soon now").

Added quite a number of new links to the Acorn page (including the System 1 page, the Xperience page and a link to Acorn Arcade).

Added a number of links to the Computing History page (including apple-history.com, Retrobeep and Google's 20 Year USENET News Archive).

Added Linus Torvalds' home page to the Linux page.

Added a number of links to the Programming page (including the Python language website, Perl Mongers and the Klingon programming language). Also added the entire Web Development section.

Added new links to the misc page (including Computer Hopes).

Updated some computing links that had changed.

Updates and corrections to the Star Trek page (including a new link to an Enterprise information site.

Updates and corrections to the Sci-Fi page.

Updates to the Discworld section of the Humour page (added a link to Paul Kidby's Discworld art site and Terry Pratchett's home page).

3rd March 2003.

Added a link to Sapphire on the computer companies page.

Added a number of humour links to the humour page (notably the error page and the last page of the internet).

Added a new page, containing links to pages about the areas of history that I am particularly interested in. This page (and this area) will get larger and better organised as I find more sites.

9th March 2003.

New links added to the Misc pages (including Lego Studios, Pink Floyd Online, Project Gutenberg, DVD review sites and more Space links).

Added new section on Misc page about the London Underground. This section contains links to information about the London Underground and the "ghost stations".

12th March 2003.

Updated "About Me" page, to reflect me having got a job...

2nd November 2003.

Shocked myself when I saw the last updated date...

Updates to the Acorn pages in the Computing section - someone sent me a link to some images of Peter Bondar's Rocketship! Also added to the companies, hardware, history, humour and misc pages.

Added a new link about the Bismarck and the Tirpirz, and Adam Hart-Davis' web site to the history page and corrected the "IBM and the Holocaust" link.

Updated the "About" page.

Lots of new links on the misc page and moved the TV and film links out to a new page.

Pulled the London Underground links out to a new page and added some stuff about trains.

Started trying to get the site in to some sort of structured order, by putting default documents in every directory. Eventually the default documents will do something sensible, but for now they just redirect to an existing page within each directory.

Major updates to the entire "my computers" section.

8th December 2003.

Removed link to AcornSearch on the Acorn page, as it seems to have merged with Drobe, and rearranged the Acorn page, to include a history secion. Also updated the general computer history, hardware, misc and programming pages.

Altered the Lego Studios Screening Room to the Lego Play Portal Page.

A number of minor updates and bits of tidying up, including removal of some non-working links.

Updated the humour page, to reflect the current state of the Rockall Times and to add some purity test links.

Finally corrected the broken GEOS Star Trek episode rating links. Also removed some duplicated and non-working links.

Added a link to the TfL tube maps page.

Added some new links to the sci-fi page.

16th March 2004.

Moved the entire trains sections to a new section on transport. Also created a new page containing the motoring links that were on the misc page.

Updated the Acorn page, adding a couple of new links, and the computing history page.

Added many links to the sci-fi page. Also added a number of new film and TV sites.

Added new pages about planes and ships to the transport section, about commercial planes and ships. Re-organised the military planes and ships section on the history page.

Corrected a couple of mistakes on the humour page and added some new bits.

19th April 2004.

Fixed a number of typos.

New links on the transport and TV pages.

Added a nice new message to the Acorn History pages.

New links added to the SF and misc pages.

20th December 2004.

Oops. Oh well, this time I have an excuse - I've spent the last six months getting married and doing up a house to live in...

Fox seem to have removed their Futurama site. So I've removed my link to it...

Added new links to the misc, computing and humour pages. Also added quite a few links to the Acorn site and corrected a spelling mistake.

Added a number of new B5 and H2G2 links, including one to M. J. Simpson's pages - described by the UK newspaper The Observer called "the world’s leading Douglasadamsologist".

Tidied up the computing hardware links.

2nd April 2005.

Oh well, Happy New Year...

Pruned the Humour and Python pages, to remove all the broken links that I've been letting build up. Added some more links in return.

Several minor structural changes to the site.

Added a small Doctor Who links section to the sci-fi page. Also amended the Trek links page slightly to prune some old links and add some new ones.

14th October 2005.

Updates to the misc links page.

Uploaded the sci-fi page, which I forgot to do last time...

Changed the link to Hywel William's Underground History site and added several other train links. Also some new car links.

Corrected some spelling mistakes.

18th October 2005.

Assorted tidying of pages and pruning of broken links. Also adding lots of new ones.

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