Programmer's resources

This page contains a number of links to programming and development sites. These range from sites allowing you to download languages to support sites for commercial languages.

This page is divided into a number of sections. These are :

Downloadable languages

These sites all contains languages that can be downloaded. Some are well known, others are not. Most people know of Java, but fewer people know of SR (Synchronising Resources), a concurrent language, or ML, a language used for functional programming. Links to some of the accompanying documentation (or alternative documentation) can be found further down this page.

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Freeware or shareware compilers and interpreters

These sites all offer freeware or shareware compilers for well known languages.

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Language documentation and language specific support sites

This section contains links to documentation for some of the languages listed in the download section above, and other commercial languages. There are also a number of language specific support sites.

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Web development resources

These sites all provide information for web developers.

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General language support sites and miscellaneous links

These sites contain support for multiple languages. There are also some miscellaneous links that might also be of interest (or amusement) to programmers.

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