History of computing resources

The sites listed on this page are all about the history of computing. I have been interested in this side of computer science for a number of years, and wrote two historical essays in the second and third years of university, about early British computers and the development of IBM's OS/360. These essays are available for download as zipped Word files.

This page is divided into a number of sections. These are :

Pioneers and early computers

These sites are all about early computers. This includes all those created up to about the early 1950's.

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Mainframe computer history sites

The links in this section are all to sites about the history of mainframe computers, such as IBM's 700 and System/360 ranges.

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Home computer history sites

These sites are all about the history of home computers. This includes a number of general sites along with a few sites about specific computers. I've not included Acorn in this list, because Acorn history sites can be found here.

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General computer history sites

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