Acorn links and resources

The links on this page are all to sites about Acorn's computers, the software for them and general resources and support. All the links on this page are either to Acorn specific sites or to the Acorn specific part of a larger site.

If you know of any Acorn sites that I have missed off this page please get in touch with me using the contact link at the bottom of the page.

This page is divided into a number of sections. These are :

Links to Acorn hardware, software and services companies

This is a very incomplete list of Acorn hardware, software and services companies.

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Acorn and RISC OS news and resources

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Acorn related projects

The links in this section are all to the home sites of various Acorn related projects. This includes hardware related projects and various Acorn publications.

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Acorn History

These are all sites that are either devoted to Acorn history, or have sections or pages about it. There are also some 8-bit software sites in this section.

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Links to shareware/freeware sites and Acorn FTP sites (or the Acorn sections of FTP sites)

These sites all offer downloads of freeware or shareware software that can be run on Acorn computers. Some are FTP sites.

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Miscellaneous Acorn sites and articles

The sites here are various Acorn sites that didn't really fit in anywhere else. They include general Acorn resource sites and enthusiast groups.

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