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Another day, another update... no new sections, but I've had a complete tidy-up of all the links.

Quite a lot more is still planned for the coming months, including the first major redesign the site has ever had.

At the moment, these pages are an interesting (I hope!) look back at how pages looked in 1995 (which is not surprising, as that is when they were originally written). The redesign will hopefully be rolled out one section at a time, starting with the Acorn history and computing sections, between now and December. (Bearing in mind the "recent" update frequency, I'm not going to specify which year.)

In preparation for the redesign, I've renamed some of the pages and have moved a few others around. I don't think that I've broken anything (except the search engine listings) and where a page doesn't exist anymore I've put a redirection page which should take you to the new copy.

If anyone has a link that they feel I should have included in one of the sections then please e-mail it to me using the contact link at the bottom of the page. (Just click on my name.)

What's new?

Planned features include (in approximate order of priority):

There may also be a page containing some software.

The following stuff is currently available.

Computing stuff

Humour stuff

Sci-fi stuff

Other stuff

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